Posted on: March 8, 2011 1:40 am

21 Reasons Football is Better Than Baseball

1.  The Yankees don’t play football.

2.  There are only 16 games in a season while in baseball there are 162, so each one counts. 

3.  It is harder to physically get in shape than to swing a baseball bat.

4.  EVERYONE is watching TV on Super Bowl Sunday.

5.  Once hike is called, all players are involved.  In baseball, you have to wait until the batter hits the ball.

6.  Time is limited in football with 15 minute quarters, while in baseball there are 9 innings where time is unlimited.  This way all games are the same length, and both football teams know they have exactly 60 minutes to give it their all.  They’re pressured to play harder when the clock is running low. 

7.  Football is more of a physical sport

9.  More athletes get a chance to play in a football game.

10.  Football requires more strategy, team huddles, and a playbook.

11.  Football players tough it out when it rains or snows, but baseball players call a game delay.

12.  We don’t need a mitt for football.  We fight with our bare hands.

13.  One good pitcher can win the game for his whole team.  It takes more than just a quarterback, but rather a whole team, to win a football game.

14.  Occasionally, a baseball player gets hit by a pitch.  In football, someone gets hit hard every single play. 

15.  We don’t need steroids to be good at football.

16.  There are no homeruns in football.  We hustle and fight for every score we earn.  There is no jogging around the bases in football.

17.  Fantasy Football.  Enough said.

18.  In football, it’s possible for the defense to score.

19.  In baseball, if a groundball is hit, the batter doesn’t hustle very hard because he knows he’s out.  In football, if a runningback knows he’s gonna get sacked, he doesn’t go down easily, he fights through it.

20.  You can watch football on Thanksgiving and during the Christmas season.

21.  Cracker jack doesn’t taste that good anyways.

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